Special Commissions

Of course every commission is special, but these were particularly unusual.

Exmouth's Town Crier Garth in his new garb, 2003

F. Tregarthen (Garth) Gibson sadly passed away suddenly in May 2009. He was a charming man of huge character and was a great asset to Exmouth and will be very much missed by all who knew him. He was a delight to work with whilst I was making his new uniform and he would always have a cheery smile and a merry quip when he came back for running repairs or had been presented with a new badge to sew on his cape, which I was always happy to do.
(added 4th June 2009)

2004 saw Sara making her 500th dress.

This gown was commissioned by Lara Gregory, a local bride who wanted a slim elegant design in silver duchesse satin. To add impact to the design Lara wanted lilies painted on the dress which presented the problem of trying to find an artist who was willing to take on such a task.

Artist and Exmouth Gallery owner Barbara Hearn agreed to try painting on some spare fabric which proved a success and after completing a larger sample Barbara proceeded to paint on the partially made dress. The results were stunning, Barbara's lilies contrasted beautifully with the silver satin and gave Lara the impact that she wanted.